Hey! we're Gabriella and Siena & we're from United States, CT :) This page is dedicated to One Direction<3 Hope you all enjoy it! :)

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  • plot twist: the boys sing Same Mistakes at the VMAs
  • Even more plot twist: they sing Torn
  • And An Even Bigger Plot Twist: it's the american one direction performing
  • The Biggest Plot Twist: Instead of one direction winning, its gotye
  • The Even Bigger Than The Biggest Plot Twist Plot Twist: Right before the VMAs start you wake up in a hospital and find out you're married to one of them
  • The Biggest Plot Twist known to Plot Twists: The world will end and we'll never find out who wins
  • this is getting bad
  • Even Bigged Plot Twist Than The Biggest Plot Twist known to man: There was never such a thing as one direction and your just a baby having a dream of the future.
  • What Is Even Happening Anymore: You're not a baby. You're actually a moose.
  • This Is What Happens When You Give A Teenager A Computer And The Ability To Type: waitwhatwhosaidthat
  • The biggest plot twist of the biggest plot twists: Baby Lux is actually performing Baby by justin bieber at the VMA's
  • Biggest Plot Twist to ever be put on Tumblr : Justin Bieber and One Direction perform together.
Me in Class:


Teacher: Asfjaeikjmnbaweihg

Me: *not paying any attention whatsoever.* 

Teacher: And the energy travels in One Direction


Me and my best friend:

Science Teacher:

Me: One Direction are my husbands

Best Friend: 

All my other friends:

Guy I like:

Other guy I like:


Science Teacher:

Rest of the class:

Girl that hates me:


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